Visioning A Colorado for All of Us

Coloradans get what it means to help make a way for each other.

No matter where we come from or how we got here, Coloradans know that only collective voice and collaborative action gets us to the Colorado we want to see. Together, across the lines they made to divide us, we make the way for all Coloradans to have what they need to live healthy, fulfilled lives.

A safe and affordable home
The chance to move through our communities without fearing for our lives or our loved ones
The ability to retire in dignity
The ability to earn a good living
The opportunity to provide a bright future for our children
To live with good health and see a doctor when we need to

For too long, certain politicians have pit Colorado’s communities against each other, while allowing the biggest corporations and richest 1% to get a free ride off our contributions. They profit from our hard work, draining our schools and communities of our resources, and then try to pin the blame for our hardships on poor people, new immigrants, and those struggling to make ends meet.

We make the way in Colorado, not the greedy few who want to keep us down while they get richer. By joining together across race, class and genders, we build a Colorado where we all have we need to live healthy, fulfilled lives.




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